Marketo Protips

Welcome protips seeker! I’ve created this page to compile all the best tricks, hacks, and workarounds we’ve found in Marketo, all in one handy-dandy list. If you’re visiting from our presentation from Summit 2016, below are write-ups on all the topics we covered on that session.  Just want the slides? Look no further.

This session is actually the third iteration of this topic. We have covered many more awesome tips from the past two summits here, and the content is still relevant as ever:

Finally, a few other bonus tips that deserve their own dedicated discussion:

  • Burner Fields – Keep your list of fields tidy and avoid the dreaded single-use “chicken or fish” event fields.
  • Bulletproof List Imports – Intelligently manage how data is overwritten from list imports
  • The Ultimate Guided Landing Page – Guided landing page templates do more than enable responsive design. With some clever use of tokens and variables, you can build one template for every use case in your instance.
  • Video View Behavior Tracking – There’s no need to buy an expensive tool to host and track video view behavior – You can do it natively in Marketo, using videos hosted on YouTube or Wistia.
  • Scalable Lead Alerts – Do you have crazy sales territories? Is your lead owner information unreliable for sending alerts? There’s a better, more scalable way to do it in Marketo.

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