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One Landing Page Template to Rule Them All

This post originally appeared on the Champion Blog of the Marketo Community on August 10, 2015 I hate repeating work in Marketo. Yet landing page templates seem to be an area that requires a lot of repeat work. It seems natural to just build a new template when you have some new use case, channel, […]


4 Marketing Lessons from The Martian

I’m a huge fan of survival stories – from the balloon-wrecked castaways of Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island to 80′s legend and mullet-master Macgyver. I’m inspired by stories where creative solutions are found just by using the tools at hand–turning a cement mixer into a makeshift aircraft, or creating explosives from random items found in the […]


4 ways a one-to-one CRM sync aligns sales and marketing teams

One of the annoying “features” often pitched by marketing automation vendors is the ability to maintain a separate marketing and sales database. In other words, hold certain leads back from being synced from your marketing automation platform into your CRM. This sounds desirable on paper: The ability to hold leads back until they’re ready for the […]


Building a Scalable Alert System in Marketo

“What have you done for me today?” It’s the unspoken question asked every day by sales teams. Alignment between sales and marketing teams has a lot to do with communication and visibility. If sales doesn’t see the value of marketing at a daily, tactical level, trust erodes fast. There’s entire books sales and marketing alignment. […]

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Updated: Tracking Embedded YouTube and Wistia Videos in Marketo

Update 5/26 – I’ve fixed a player dimensions issue with the Wistia embed script, and added the ability to track both video starts and video completions. I’ve also updated the token naming conventions with a clearer, more consistent naming convention. Finally I removed the munchkin script call at the top of each embed code (though […]

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Why I’m a B2B Company’s Least Favorite Prospect

I’m a B2B company’s least favorite kind of prospect. I ignore or unsubscribe from their emails (especially if I didn’t explicitly opt in ) I’m doubly likely to opt out if my information was clearly bought from a list (In fact, I’ll do this just out of spite) I never answer or return their calls […]

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15 Marketo Protips: Advice You Can Implement Today

Back in April I gave a presentation at the 2014 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit focused on practical, easy-to-implement tips to make your automation systems more scalable, efficient, and effective. The idea worked great on paper, but I bit off more that I could chew–fifteen tips is a lot of ground to cover in a 45 minute […]

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An Email Marketer’s Approach to Inbox Zero

I’ve had a few people ask me recently about how I manage my email inboxes for my personal and professional accounts. Given my line of work in email marketing, I must have some great secret to managing the inbox, too, right? Well, not exactly, but the short answer is, I do have a process, largely […]

Marketo tokens

{{my.Favorite Feature of Marketo}}

I’m amazed at how many people are using Marketo like a plain-jane email marketing tool. Maybe it’s just my nature to seek out the more efficient, scalable way of doing things, or maybe the true automation functionality in Marketo is simply not well understood by many users. If you’ve ever pulled me into a conversation […]