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    Building a Scalable Alert System in Marketo

    “What have you done for me today?” It’s the unspoken question asked every day by sales teams. Alignment between sales and marketing teams has a lot to do with communication and visibility. If sales doesn’t see the value of marketing at a daily, tactical level, trust erodes fast. There’s entire books sales and marketing alignment. […]

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  • 4-1-2015 8-16-04 PM

    Updated: Tracking Embedded YouTube and Wistia Videos in Marketo

    Update 5/26 – I’ve fixed a player dimensions issue with the Wistia embed script, and added the ability to track both video starts and video completions. I’ve also updated the token naming conventions with a clearer, more consistent naming convention. Finally I removed the munchkin script call at the top of each embed code (though […]

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  • 4-1-2015 8-18-22 PM

    Why I’m a B2B Company’s Least Favorite Prospect

    I’m a B2B company’s least favorite kind of prospect. I ignore or unsubscribe from their emails (especially if I didn’t explicitly opt in ) I’m doubly likely to opt out if my information was clearly bought from a list (In fact, I’ll do this just out of spite) I never answer or return their calls […]

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