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  • 4-1-2015 8-16-04 PM

    Tracking Embedded YouTube and Wistia Videos in Marketo

    A common need among Marketo users lies in the ability to track embedded video engagement with their prospects and customers. Marketo will natively track form submissions and web page activity, but it does not have great built-in video tracking functionality. Since it’s important for marketers to understand when their target audiences actually view or interact […]

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  • 4-1-2015 8-18-22 PM

    Why I’m a B2B Company’s Least Favorite Prospect

    I’m a B2B company’s least favorite kind of prospect. I ignore or unsubscribe from their emails (especially if I didn’t explicitly opt in ) I’m doubly likely to opt out if my information was clearly bought from a list (In fact, I’ll do this just out of spite) I never answer or return their calls […]

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  • 4-1-2015 8-07-38 PM

    15 Marketo Protips: Advice You Can Implement Today

    Back in April I gave a presentation at the 2014 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit focused on practical, easy-to-implement tips to make your automation systems more scalable, efficient, and effective. The idea worked great on paper, but I bit off more that I could chew–fifteen tips is a lot of ground to cover in a 45 minute […]

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